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OMRA Events Calendar

Last Updated Monday, July 13, 2015

The OMRA recommends you go to the hosting organization's website to get the latest updates on their events. You can find each organization's website in the Clubs link on the left. We do our very best to keep this list accurate, but it is up to the clubs to confirm the accuracy of the listings below, and we suggest you confirm details with the hosting club before attending their event.

Latest Calendar Updates

  • 1/9/15: Initial Calendar posted

  • Updated Lobos Dualsport to June 27.

  • 2/4/15: updated OTBG GP to Starvation Ridge

  • 2/26/15: added Trailsmen events

  • 6/18/15: cancelled Lobos Fort Rock DS and ULTRA Poker Run

  • 7/6/15: re-added Lobos Dualsport on 7/26

  • 7/13/15: Mt. Scott changed their hill climb date, plus added their Road Ride

2015 OMRA Competition XC, GP, DS Series Event Calendar

March GP 21-22nd ∙ Eddieville GPs (2) ∙ OTBG ∙ Centerville, WA
April GP 12th ∙ Starvation Ridge GP ∙ OTBG ∙ Centerville, WA
XCx2 18-19th ∙ Timber Mt. HS ∙ MRA ∙ Jacksonville, OR
DS 25th ∙ Browns Camp DS ∙ Mt Scott ∙ Tillamook , OR
XC 26th ∙ China Hat ISDE ∙ Lobos ∙ Bend/EFR, OR
May XC 17th ∙ Oregon St H&H ∙ NORA ∙ Millican, OR
XC 30th ∙ Starvation Ridge XC ∙ OTBG ∙ Goldendale,WA
GP 31st ∙ Starvation Ridge GP ∙ OTBG ∙ Goldendale, WA
June DSx2 6-7th ∙ Black Dog AMA National DS ∙ NWT&T∙ Odell, OR
GP 14th ∙ Shedd Spring GP ∙ SCTR ∙ Shedd, OR
XC 20-21st ∙ Funky Chicken AMA National West HS ∙ ETRA ∙ Elkton, OR
DS 27th ∙ Fort Rock DS ∙ Lobos ∙ Ft. Rock, OR-Cancelled!
[(1) See notes below for Devils Head Enduro ]
July XC 19th ∙ Lone Wolf ISDE ∙ Lobos ∙ Tillamook, OR
DS 26th ∙ High-Country DS ∙ Lobos ∙ Estacada, OR
August DS 8th ∙ Mt Hood DS ∙ Mt Scott ∙ Mt Hood/ Government Camp, OR
DSx2 15-16th ∙ Rat Dog AMA National DS ∙ NWT&T ∙ Tillamook, OR
September GP 13th ∙ Eddieville GP ∙ OTBG ∙ Centerville, WA
GP 27th ∙ Jagow Memorial GP ∙ Mt Scott ∙ Washougal MX, WA
October GPx2 11th ∙ Territorial GP60 ∙ NORA ∙ Cheshire, OR
XC 17th ∙ Cowbell XC ∙ SCTR ∙ Shedd, OR
GP 18th ∙ Cowbell GP ∙ SCTR ∙ Shedd, OR
NOTES (1) Devils Head Enduro is scheduled as a non-points event on June 28
• XC Series will have 1 throwout
• GP Series will have 2 throwouts (best 8 count)
• Must ride min of 6 in XC or GP Series to qualify for trophy


2015 OMRA Recreation/Other Event Calendar

January 1st - Hangover Scrambles - Jones Creek Trail Riders Assoc.
February 7-8th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
14-15th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
21-22nd Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
28th Eddieville, OTBG, Playday
March 1st Eddieville, OTBG, Playday
7th Eddieville, OTBG, Playday
8th Eddieville, OTBG Team Endurance 6 Hr
14th Eddieville, OTBG, MX Playday
28-29th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
April 11th Eddieville, OTBG, MX Playday
18-19th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
19th Mt Scott ,Castle Rock GP non-Point CANCELLED!
25th Lobos, China Hat Poker Run

25th Starvation Ridge, OTBG, Playday
26th Mt Scott, Poker Run, Browns Camp
May 2nd Starvation Ridge, OTBG Team Endurance
12 Hr
3rd Starvation Ridge, OTBG, Playday
3rd Tillamook Forest, Trailsmen, First Chance Poker Run
16-17th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
23-24th Spoon Creek, Forster Pk Playdays
23-25th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
June 6-7th Spoon Creek, Forster Pk, Playdays
7th Mt Scott Tee Pee Run
13th Spoon Creek, Forster Pk, Team Race
13-14th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
27th ULTRA Glide Ranch PR -- Cancelled!
27-28th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
28th Mt Scott, Devils Head ISDE non-Point
July 25-26th Spoon Creek, Forster Pk, Playdays
August 1st Spoon Creek, Forster Pk, Team Race
2nd Spoon Creek, Forster Pk, GP non point
8-9th Spoon Creek, Forster Pk, Playdays
9th Applegate, Nestucca Poker Run
15-16th Spoon Creek, Forster Pk, Playdays
22-23rd Spoon Creek, Forster Pk, Playdays
23rd Mt Scott, Road Ride
September 5-6th Spoon Creek, Forster Pk, Playdays
5-7th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
12th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
13th Mt Scott, Browns Camp Hill Climb
19th Starvation Ridge, OTBG
Team Endurance 6 Hr
20th Starvation Ridge, OTBG, Playday
20th Tillamook Forest, Trailsmen, Last Chance Poker Run
19-20th Spoon Creek, Forster Park, Playdays
October 3-4th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
10th Spoon Creek, Forster Park, Playdays
17th Lobos, Fall Classic PR, Bend
18th Lobos, Fall Classic Team Race, Bend

17th Spoon Creek, Forster Pk, Team Race
17-18th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
24th Spoon Creek, Forster Park, Playdays
31st OTBG SR Team Endurance 24 Hr

1st Tillamook Forest, Trailsmen, Family Fun Poker Run
7th Eddieville, OTBG, MX Playday
8th OTBG Eddieville Team Endurance 6 Hr
8th Lobos, Hood River PR, Hood River
14th OMRA Annual Awards Celebration

14-15th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
21-11th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays
27-29th Eddieville, OTBG, Playdays


5th OMRA Annual Calendar Meeting


CAUTION!: These events could change, so contact the club before the event!

GP = Grand Prix Series Points Event

XC = Cross Country Series Points Event

DS = Dualsport Series Points Event

PR = Poker Run

TM = Team Race

ATV = All-Terrain Vehicle

ISDE = [International Six-Day (style)] Enduro Event

ADV = Adventure Event

HS = Hare Scrambles Event

TBA = To Be Announced

Click here to download and read the RULES for each type of event!

  • Points will be tallied for OMRA members with a current competition card at the time of the event. 

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