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Through the cooperation of the OMRA, Oregon Parks & Recreation Department (OPRD), and member clubs, plus individual members, the OMRA presents the most comprehensive, accepted, consistent and sustainable STATEWIDE Youth Safety Evaluation Program (YSEP). Master Evaluator and evaluation classes are underway. Courses are set to be scheduled throughout the state through OMRA member clubs and organizations. Together we are making OHV recreation more safe and accessible for Oregon's OHV community.

Be informed and prepared for your evaluation, download a copy of the OMRA YSEP Course Curriculum and Range Diagram. Click Here.

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About the 2012 Mandatory OHV Youth Safety Law
As of January 1, 2012 Oregon law will require all off-road motorcycle and ATV operators ages 15 and under to complete a hands-on evaluation course to ride legally on all Oregon public lands. OMRA is now conducting our Class III (motorcycle) Youth Safety Evaluation Program. The evaluation course will satisfy the law's requirements and provide an accessible and affordable endorsement for Oregon's young riders. See below for our easy, one-step registration process.

What is a Youth Safety Evaluation?
A Youth Safety Evaluation will be a one-time, hands-on skills demonstration to evaluate a youths ability to safely control and fit their OHV. The youth's on-line Safety Ed card will be endorsed after he/she has passed the minimum requirements. Parents will need to bring their child/children prepared to ride with the vehicle and proper protective gear.

OMRA's role in Oregon Youth Safety
The OMRA is looking at this law from a positive perspective, as education is always good. We are fully supportive of positive education, especially with our youth.

Our Oregon non-profit status gives us the ability to offer a Youth Safety Evaluation program at a fraction of the cost of a State run program, saving you money. A state-run program would likely be paid for out of our Oregon ATV fund. We would rather see that money reserved for direct OHV recreation use. Our survey responses will also help us shape the course curriculum to suit your needs rather than an entity beyond our control. Given that the law is here, we intend to make the best of it.

What does it cost to go through the OMRA Youth Safety Evaluation Program?

OMRA YSEP costs just $20.00 per participant for the citizen riders of Oregon. The actual cost of the program is $65.00 per participant, but the State of Oregon in an effort to reduce the financial burden to the riders of Oregon is subsidizing $45.00 of the $65.00 registration cost, so Oregon residents only pay $20.00.

The State of Oregon will only subsidize Oregon residents, and out-of-state Class III (motorcycle) off-road riders that enjoy riding in Oregon will be responsible for the full $65.00 cost of the evaluation. It should also be pointed out that the State of Oregon has reciprocal agreements for safety requirements with other states. See below:

Oregon Administrative Rule

Reciprocity for Out-of-State Permits
An ATV operating permit that is issued in another state
shall be honored in the State of Oregon if the issuing state also honors an Oregon ATV operating permit.
(1) The ATV must have a resident state ATV operating permit or a State of Oregon ATV operating permit to operate the ATV on designated ATV areas.
(a) A State of Oregon ATV operating permit may be issued for all terrain vehicles owned by a resident of another state.
(b) An ATV operating permit is valid in those areas designated for ATV use.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 390.180
Stats. Implemented: ORS 390.180
Hist.: PRD 8-2000, f. & cert. ef. 6-2-00

Class III Required Equipment checklist for evaluation:
Bring your own motorcycle, ready to ride and the right size!
Have completed the OPRD on-line Safety Education Course – Bring verification of completion (Either ATV Safety Education Card –or‐ Printed Certificate of Completion)
Have a parent or guardian accompany you (15 or younger)
Helmet (DOT approved motorcycle helmet that fits properly)
Goggles (or helmet with shield)
Sturdy over the ankle shoes or boots
Long-sleeve shirt
Long Pants







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