Carl Feague

OMRA Secretary

(503) 858-4742


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About me:
Grew up in Michigan. Had various motos from 10 through 18 years when college cut into my funding. Got back into the sport in Arizona after getting a few incidentals out of the way (marriage/career/family) around the age of 35. Had a ball riding the desert. Moved to Oregon. Didn’t know anybody, sold the bike. Found Mt Scott, bought another bike and have been having a blast for the past several years.

My favorite riding area:
Anywhere my friends are going.

My first bike/ATV:
Honda 50 (hard tail!).

My riding experience:
Mostly motorcycles, some bicycles and horses.

My favorite saying:
It was impossible, therefore it took a while to accomplish.

Why I became an OMRA Officer:
Love this sport / wanted to get involved.

I'd also like to say:
Make time to do the things you love.