Chuck Worley



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About me:
I’m a lifelong motorcycle rider, and have been fortunate to enjoy off road riding in several states and areas of the country over the years.  Fortunate to have a family (wife Debbi, kids Kenny and Kassie) that also enjoy the outdoors and riding also; we try and spend as much time as possible camping and trail riding.  I got involved in land use/OHV access issues when a local riding area was threatened, and spent a good bit of time working with the BLM, USFS and the Blue Ribbon Coalition to preserve access.  I spend most of my free time and way too much money on motorized recreation.

My favorite riding area:
Featherville, Idaho area.

My first bike/ATV:
Suzuki 80, street legal, on USFS lands in WI.

My riding experience: 
Trail rode with my Dad, and eventually with some solid riders that were friends of his for several years as a teenager.  Then got involved in racing hare scrambles and enduros with the same group, which led to doing the whole enduro series for a few years.  After relocating to the West, raced the National Hare and Hound series for a couple years, then rode the D36 Enduro series for a couple more years.  After kids, stayed closer to home and raced some desert in Northern Nevada.  Given a choice and availability, I prefer timekeeper enduros over all other forms of racing.

My favorite saying:
Ride or Die (thanks HSMC!)

Why I became an OMRA Officer:
I have been fortunate to have racing available to me through various organizations like the OMRA over the years.  I hope to be able use some of my experience to help improve the OMRA, both on the racing front and as a voice for the off-road motorcycle enthusiast on issues critical to motorcycle recreation.

I'd also like to say:
Get involved in your sport.  Along with buying bikes, gear, doing maintenance and riding, take a few minutes a week or month to do something positive (work party, letters to elected officials, show a new rider some trails, etc) to protect our access to riding areas, and our form of recreation for future generations.