Dan Harte

OMRA Interim Competition Director/Referee

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About me:
I was born in Vancouver WA in 1967, growing up with a brother 3 years older in a family that enjoyed outdoor activities. Mostly camping, hunting and fishing, but we always seemed busy doing something. I learned early that team sports where not my thing. We started trail riding as a family when I was about 10.

My first real job, other then mowing lawns, was assembling new motorcycles for the local KTM/Husqvarna dealership (now Pro Caliber) at the age of 14 for $25 per bike. In High School I worked at Husqvarna of Gresham, which is now a KTM shop. Since then, except for a 1 ½ years at a startup fishing-rod company, I have been employed in the heavy-equipment industry. Today I am the Dealer Sales Rep for a major equipment manufacturer.

I met my wife Teresa in 1992 through my good friend and race partner Robert Johnson. Teresa was a very good friend of Roberts girlfriend Krista, who is now his wife. I was living with Robert and they would come over and eat our ice cream. I had just qualified for my first ISDE and within a few days of returning from Australia, we were officially dating. Married in 1995, I retired from racing in 1997. Alex was born in 1998 then Max came along in 2000.

We have lived in Camas, WA since '95.

My favorite riding area:
I don’t really have one. I liked to race and really enjoyed experiencing events at riding areas I hadn’t been to before. Around every corner is a surprise, from silty desert to slimy, root-infested trails, I liked it all.

My first bike/ATV:
1972 Honda CT 70 in all its candy-apple red goodness.

My riding experience:
We started trail riding as a family when I was about 10. This progressed to Poker Runs and then into some OMRA events. My first China Hat was in '81 in the 200 AM class on a PE 175 Suzuki. Pathetically slow, but loved being an off-road racer. I was bumped to expert in 83 and support started that year from Husqvarna. My first overall came at a timekeeping enduro in '84 with some more of those before my first go-fast overall at the Hangover Scrambles in '86. By '88 I started hitting some national events and learned I really enjoyed the level of competition and experience.

In '89 I decided to be a full on desert racer and ran the National Hare & Hound Series. When you got those guys away from California, you could do well. My best finish in that series was a 3rd overall at the '89 Wells to Wendover on a 250 Kawasaki.

By '91 I was burnt out on racing 2 strokes, purchased a 350 Husqvarna and just kind of screwed off for a year. But that sparked some interest again in enduros and, when Robert approached me about trying to qualify for the ISDE in early '92, I thought it was a fantastic idea. It had actually been a life-long dream to earn a skunk hat. I ended up making the team for the next 5 years, but stayed home in '95 after the wedding and purchased a house. Four Six Days earning three silvers and a bronze. Dream realized, although being less than sixty seconds off gold in '94 was a tough pill to swallow since it was the second time I had almost made it. I technically qualified for a sixth year in '97, but everyone knew I had no plans of going again and retired after Trask that year.

Getting the boys started in the sport has been a lot of fun. It also got me going again racing China Hat in '07 for my first event back. Robert and I formed the Time Bandits to compete in the 40 expert class at the 24 Hour Race. Winning the class with the help of some other past fast guys in '08 and '09 was really cool. It has been a great experience, but seriously breaking both my legs in September of 2010 has ended the racing fun for me.

Huge thanks to all that helped me along the way.

My favorite saying:
Some settling is to be expected!

Why I became an OMRA Officer:
I have some experience that is useless anyplace else and I was nominated and voted in before I could say no.

I'd also like to say:
Look Ahead! It works in life as well as it does in racing.