Jon Beaver

OMRA Alternate Referee


(541) 409-3463

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About me:
I've lived the entirety of my life in Oregon's, Willamette Valley. For 30 years I was a resident of Sweet Home, but nowadays I call Albany my home.

My first bike/ATV:
My first bike was a Yamaha PW50. Once I outgrew that machine I rode an MR50 for a spell, but didn't participate in the sport again until it was in my teens. When I did return, I was on a 1984 KX 125 - that was a fun machine!

When I first started riding:
I first started riding when I was three years old (with the assistance of training wheels). I still remember my first race, it was Portland International Raceway on a Thursday night, and I got 5th place. What an eye-opener that was! I was hooked on racing for a few years after that, but when it was time to step up to the 60/65cc class, I lost interest for a number of years.

My favorite riding experience:
Having been involved in the sport for so many years, it's hard to pick just one. I can tell you that I'm a competitive person who loves to race, so any day of racing is better than most. For the most part though I still love a good trail ride with my buddies. There aren't too many things that can compare to good friends and good dirt.

Why I became an OMRA Officer:
I love riding and racing in Oregon. I've enjoyed some good times, met a lot of great people, and I want future generations to have some of the same opportunities I've been lucky enough to have. I think I can help make that happen by simply getting involved, lending any expertise that I have, and putting in the effort with other like-minded individuals.

I'd also like to say:
Whatever it is that you're doing, go out there and have fun!