Jordan Rhinevault

OMRA Recreation Director

(971) 340-5596


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About me:
I was born in Oregon in 1976. Got my first bike at the age of 6 for Christmas and was hooked instantly. My parents were both heavily involved when I was growing up. My mother was OMRA president in the early 90's. After school I got married and had to give up riding, then in 2009 I got divorced and started riding again. I'm not fast enough to race anymore but love to get out and am enjoying being involved on this side off things and giving back to the sport that was a huge part of my childhood.

My favorite riding area:
Top on the list would be Hood River or East Fort Rock for family rides. Other than that, I like going into Tillamook State Forest and have even enjoyed a few dunes trips with my girlfriend

My first bike/ATV:
My first was a 1976 Yamaha YZ80 or GT80, can't remember for sure, but I got it in 1982 for Christmas when I was 6, then in '84 I got a brand new Yamaha Y-Zinger 80. After that was my brothers '84 YZ80 and then the '88 KX125 that got sold when I was 20. Then in 2009 I got back into riding on a '93 KX250 and currently am happy with my 2005 YZ250. Sometimes you can catch me out on my oldest daughter's TTR125 or in the sand on my younger daughter's Raptor 660R. Aside from the kids, all mine have been and will be 2 strokes!

My riding experience:
There are so many to choose from, but the races in Sumpter, Oregon (like the Top Hat 100) would be the most memorable. Some of the best times happen when you get lost in that area. Growing up on 40 acres and having 5,000 behind the property made for great memories too. But nothing really compares to seeing my kids enjoying the same trails that I did.

My favorite saying:
Don't sit there and complain, do something about it!

Why I became an OMRA Officer:
I want to give back to the sport that gave me so many memories growing up, and Billy Toman threw my name in there.

I'd also like to say:
Get involved and teach the youth riders how to respect the trails we have available to us. If you're out on the trails and see a work party going on, stop and lend a hand and don't forget to thank the people out there building and maintaining all the trails we ride on and love.