Justin Lewis

OMRA Marketing Director


(503) 679-0369

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About me:
I’m a blue collar kid from Michigan and a former active duty U.S. Marine. I also co-founded and get the privilege of serving as the CEO for Instrument (instrument.com), the digital marketing agency I started 10 years ago. I’m a pretty disciplined guy, I love my family, I love making organizations succeed, and I love the spirit that dirt bike racing embodies. I turned 40 last year and signed up for and survived Red Bull Romaniacs.

My favorite riding area:
Jordan Creek: it's hard to beat the mix of technical riding mixed with fast flowing jump trails. It's also less than an hour from my house. 

My first bike/ATV:
2010 KTM 450 EXC-F

My riding experience:
I went to Moab, UT with some buddies in 2008 and we rented a Yamaha WR450. I went on a ride and got my ass handed to me, stalled the bike 100 times and kicked it over 1000 more to get back to camp. I hated being so bad at something and I was instantly hooked. I was involved in mountain bike riding and racing for about 15 years, I think dirt biking was the next step for me. I also felt silly that I lived in Oregon and didn’t explore more of the state on a bike.

My favorite saying:
Work harder.

Why I became an OMRA Officer:
I learned in the Marines the value of succeeding under duress. Competitive physical activities give us that opportunity. I want my future son (coming in February 2016) and future daughter to be involved with activities that are family friendly, promote being outside, and provide us with a lifetime of challenges. 

I also believe I have a unique perspective on getting involved with dirt biking. I was a complete outsider when I joined the XC series just two seasons ago and it took some serious determination to break into the racing scene.

I want to help the OMRA bring new people to the sport we love and together we can go from losing a little ground to gaining a bunch.

I'd also like to say:
I appreciate this opportunity more than you know. I was racing the China Hat ISDE two years ago and during the prayer a show of service member hands was requested, I looked around and felt like I was home.