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About me:
I’m 37 local boy born and raised here in Oregon. I now live in La Pine, OR. I grew up In a small town on the Oregon Coast, where I purchased my first dirt bike and with my Dad's help learned how to ride at the age of seven.  While growing up I participating in school sports, but always found myself drawn back to two wheels,  I knew that I wanted to be a Dirt Bike racer.  I was able to start chasing that dream once I turned 18 and for nearly the next 10 years.  In 2007 at the age of 27  I decided I needed to take time away from racing so I could focus on College and to also pursue my career. After debating a career as either a Motorcycle Mechanic and attending MMI or taking a Temp job as a OHV Technician with the Forest Service. I chose the later, and I ended up  moving over to Central Oregon,  I graduated from Central Oregon Community College in 2010, and now work for the U.S Forest Service as an OHV Specialist. My job is amazing I am lucky enough to work in the industry I love and put my years of dirt biking knowledge to use by building and maintaining OHV trails, I have dedicated the last Seven years of my life Designing and building The Three Trails OHV System. When I am not working on Trails or riding them, I am spending time with my friend and family, and either relaxing Playing Video games or enjoying the outdoors, hiking, Trail Running or mountain biking.

My favorite riding area:
This is a hard one to answer... there are so many areas I love to ride! Mainly the answer is wherever I can find perfect dirt! Tight twisty epic single track! And get to spend the day on my bike with my Friends.

My first bike/ATV:
1975 XR75

My riding experience:
In 1997 I participated in my first Cross Country race.  That next year I started racing the OMRA series which soon turned into 25 plus races a year and traveling thousands of miles a year to chase me Dreams and Goals.  I raced from 1998 to 2008 in the OMRA (Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association.) Cross Country, Grand Prix and ISDE series, along with select events ranging from the NMA cross country series in Washington, BITD silver state series, select WORCS races, AMA National Enduro, AMA I.S.D.E Qualifiers, and the AMA National Hare scrambles. I started racing as an Amateur from 1998 to 2000, I raced as an Expert from 2000 to 2003, and  In 2003 I was advanced to the AA-PRO class and raced that class  from 2003 to 2008. Over the Years I was able to earn 9 Championships and 2 Team Challenge Titles.

In Early 2016 I decided to make some life changes, and started a regimen of diet and exercise.  I soon found the same drive I had when I was seriously competing nearly ten years prior. I found the passion I once had for racing dirtbikes.  This year I decided to commit to the OMRA Cross Country Series along with the Sprint Enduro series.  After a full season of racing and earning some wins and  an overall Expert finish, along with never finishing of the podium in 3rd place.  I ended up finishing  2nd place in the 30+ Expert class in the  Cross Countries,  55 points behind the 2 time defending class champion.  In the Sprint Enduro Series I was able to Win the Championship in the 35+ expert class.

My favorite saying:
“To Finish First you must First Finish” -Travis Bamford

Why I became an OMRA Officer:
I have seen the OMRA go through some hard times, but despite all that... it is still alive and growing because of a small group of hardworking Dedicated individuals !! I love how organized, racer focused and driven the OMRA officers are! I love all the changes and can’t wait to see what the future holds!!
And well that's what made me want to get more involved.  I have learned that if you want to help out the sport you love or try and help make a positive difference you need to get involved. Always better to be proactive than reactive, lol…

I'd also like to say:
I just want to say thank to the OMRA, and all the CLUBS and the hard working volunteers and officials. You guys have/are doing a great job to help keep and make the Oregon Racing Series what it is!