Some keys to basic Sportsmanship to keep in mind, be it racing, riding a poker run, or trail riding with your friends.

  1. Be courteous: How you act, and what you say has a direct impact on the future of our sport. Please keep all bench racing and conduct at our events civil and kind. Good sportsmanship is expected and required of all riders at all times.
  2. Live to ride another day: Remember to ride within your ability. Riding does not pay the bills, but it sure can create them. Keep the risk low by staying in control of your bike at all times.
  3. Do no harm: Keeping your bike under control extends to any bike in your immediate vicinity. While everyone is trying to get to the finish line first, you are still required to operate your machine in a safe manner, even for those you are competing against.
  4. Garbage in, garbage out: Some of our events have on site garbage collection, most do not. Please plan on packing out whatever you pack in, and never leave any garbage for the next guy.
  5. Do unto others: The last person you pass will be the first on scene to help you if you crash. Make sure you treat them well. Riding is an extreme sport where we rely on the kindness of our competition in an emergency. Treat others the way you would want them to treat you.
  6. Family hour: Kids are the future of our sport. We want all of our events to be family friendly, so make attending events easier on parents- While bench racing in the pits or around the camp fire, please keep in mind kids are everywhere.
  7. Brain buckets for life: We want to see that everyone gets home safely, and that starts with wearing a helmet whenever you are on a bike. No exceptions.
  8. Loud pipes save nothing: Make sure your bike complies with local noise rules. Our riding areas depend on it. Quiet bikes mean more opportunities.
  9. Promotors are our partners: Remember that the OMRA is a sanctioning body that works alongside the promoters. If there are any safety issues, protests, or questions, the promotors are the first place you should go. Promotors have the right to hold, penalize or DQ any rider they feel is not following the letter or intent of the rules.
  10. Have Fun: This is why we do what we do. While some take riding and racing very seriously, in the end we all do it because it is enjoyable. Please do your part to keep it that way for everyone.