Rescheduled: Rd 1 - Eddieville XC

Rescheduled: Rd 1 - Eddieville XC


OTBG has rescheduled the March 26th XC race to take place on April 8th.


Event Details

Over The Bars Gang (OTBG) brings us the OMRA XC Series #1 - Eddieville, at the Eddieville Motosports Park.

No Pre-Registration. Register day of, at event.


All start times are subject to change on race day. The start times will be announced at the riders meeting. 

Approximate race times are:

8:30 AM – Riders Meeting (The riders meeting is mandatory. All race times are estimated.)

10:00 AM – 50R, 50Y, 60Q, Women, Junior X’S. (1 ½ Hrs + 1 Lap)

12:00 PM – AA, 200Z, Open EX, 30U, 40V, 200E, Open AM, 30D, 40F. (2 ½ Hrs + 1 Lap)



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