February OMRA Officers Meeting

Attendance: Justin Lewis, Carl Feague, Dan Hart, Dave Cady, Chuck Worley. On phone: Tom Niemela, Tina Cady, Jordan Rhinevault, Ami Hunt.

I. Old business

  • Working with Rocky Houston of RTP. Work to Blue Bus trail only. Coordinating with Reid and Clyde for work day. Tom submitting form.
  • Wind fall recently destroyed an ODF bridge. 

II. Treasurer Report

  • Carl added to account / Lonny removed.
  • Discussed event deposit forms.

III. Banquet

  • Ironed out details of award banquet. Advertise to bring desserts. Silent auction. Carl will pick up the registers from Barrett. Sportsman award and Volunteer award decided. Arrive at noon, Lanphere closes at 5:00, start at 5:30. Must assemble trophy. Posters and brochures are done. Carl to sell raffle tickets.

IV. Membership

  • Will be current by, and have the ability to sign up members at, the banquet. Current list to officers. 
  • Working through racer number conflicts. Most members want cards mailed.

V. Competition

  • Submitted a request to the organizers to submit a proposal regarding the long-standing rule that OMRA rule that officers (up to five) ride free. Organizers responded with their various positions, but no proposals. Mt Scott will waive the gate fee, but not the race fee.
  • China Hat entry fee will be $65.
  • Rule book work continues.
  • Club billings have been submitted.
  • Title sponsor Golden Tire is enthusiastic about the OMRA season.
  • Will put together a clothing order with Dan Jordan in the near future.

VI. Volunteer

  • Ladee efforts continue. 37 miles of mapped trail vs 9 miles two years ago.
  • “Trail crew” stickers in the works. Shirts through Dan Jordan. When money allows.
  • Tom had a good experience with a MRA trail effort.

VII. Website

  • Justin presented the new site and shared link. The site is very intuitive with good content. Emphasis on supporting the promoters. Build value for riders. Nearly ready to launch. Requesting club input on event descriptions. Will show at banquet. Need photos for specific events. Works well on phone. Nice club page.


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