Let's Get Ready To Race!

Attention Racers,

We're 14 days out from the first race of the season and we thought it would be good to go over a few details. Please read and share.


If you signed up for a Racing Series Membership and have not received your card please email justinl@omraoffroad.com and we'll get you squared away.

Once you have your card please verify that your name and rider number are correctly displayed on the 2016 Series Points Spreadsheet. If anything is out of place email justinl@omraoffroad.com.

We will be passing out 2016 Competition Stickers at Eddieville for folks who have not received them.

If you have not purchased a Racing Series Membership yet you can do so below or at any OMRA sanctioned event.


Eddieville will be hosting the first XC and the first GP races of the season. More details can be found at the links below.

New to Racing?

We've put together a good resource for Getting Started Racing with the OMRA. If you have any questions please contact us.

I hope everyone is as excited as we are.



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