2017 Youth Racing Program

The OMRA, with supporting sponsors, partners and clubs would like to offer 25 JR A, B & C riders free entry at participating GP races for the 2017 season.

Why: We believe that it’s important to get young riders and their families involved in racing. This will lower the average age of our members and ensure that we are investing in the future of our sport.

Who: JR A, B, & C riders. With the goal that a percentage of these riders will make racing a lifelong sport and family activity.

How: The OMRA proposes to raise a $4k fund for JR GP entries. $4k across 8 events means that the OMRA will cover $500 worth of JR entry fees per race. We’re asking participating clubs and sponsors to cover additional entries beyond the $500 contribution from the OMRA.

Requirements: The first 25 JR riders that have purchased a 2017 OMRA JR A, B & C Competition Membership. All OMRA and promoter rules apply. Riders would still be responsible for gate fee’s, etc.

If your club is interested in partnering with the OMRA to support youth racing we ask that you reach out to Dave Cady by March 1st.

Required Membership


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