Ochoco National Forest motorized trail plan under attack

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The OMRA works hard to preserve our sport, not just for each of us, but for future generations. The Lobos Motorcycle Club hopes to jump start that great work, and set a challenge to other clubs in Oregon, with a targeted $1000 donation to OMRA’s Legislative and Land Use fund, because now’s the time to come together to keep our fantastic success in Oregon going! The Ochoco National Forest, in north central Oregon has some great riding opportunities which are under threat and worth fighting for. Local motorcycle activists like the Ochoco Trail Riders have done so much work, partnering with the Forest Service, and groups of all kinds, to bring a decent trail plan for the area to the finish line - only to have anti-access conservation groups sue the Forest Service to stop it, because they didn’t get 100%. The Forest Service’s lengthy and fair public processes didn’t result in every single acre they wanted shut down and locked up. This one is worth defending folks!

Learn more here: https://sharetrails.org/media/vehicle-riders-move-to-join-ochoco-lawsuit

If we keep working together, your OMRA membership dues and your race entry fees can go a long way toward raising the money we need to win this fight for the Ochocos - to win for responsible motorized recreation management, to win for the idea of collaboration, itself. With our help, the awesome Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) is coordinating the legal efforts in front of us. Thanks to the Ochoco Trail Riders for leading and also, thanks to Lobos for their kick-starting contribution! If you're part of an OHV club, or just want to go the extra mile this year, we hope their help so far will inspire you to join the team!


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