Spring 2017 OMRA Newsletter

Welcome to the 2017 OMRA season!

This has been a challenging winter and off season for all of us Oregon off road riders!  Lots of snow in Central Oregon kept it off limits for riding, heavy and constant rain in Western Oregon, as well as some snow, prevented much riding as well.

Weather was no problem for the annual OMRA banquet, once again hosted by Beaverton Motorsports.  Great prizes, good food, awesome trophies (provided by BatteryStuff.com!) made for a good time by everyone.

The miserable weather has created havoc with our event schedule also, including the delay of the first two OMRA racing events of the year.  Both Goldendale events in March were delayed and rescheduled – the good news is that we will finally get underway this weekend, April 8 and 9 at Eddieville.

Then April gets busy!  After the season opening XC on April 8th and GP on April 9th, we go to China Hat April 23, followed by the two day MRA XC event in Jacksonville.  Then May kicks off with the Monkey Butt XC, which is a hybrid ISDE event for 2017.  Lots of great opportunities to get out and race in the next 6 weeks!

GP Youth Racing – The OMRA this year, in partnership with the clubs and promoters, is offering a number of FREE entries to young racers, in the JR A, B and C classes.  Sign up as an OMRA member using the GOLD card option for Jr’s, and the entry fees are paid for at all of the GP’s!  Contact Patty at Membership or Dave Cady for more info –

Dual Sporting is alive and well also.  The Dual Sport series returns for 2017 – see the message board and OMRA calendar for information.  We are searching for a Dual Sport volunteer if you are interested in getting involved – contact us!

The OMRA has been busy with other issues this off season as well.  A few important legislative issues are going through, including a bill to allow off road vehicles to use county roadways in some rural areas.  The OMRA has been monitoring and testifying on this issue on your behalf.  Also some sound testing legislation is being discussed.

Land use issues continue to be important to the OMRA.  There are ongoing volunteer efforts in the Tillamook, Hood River, and Medford areas.  The MRA club in Medford is actively seeking PURCHASE of more land!  Check out their website at http://www.motorcycleridersassociation.org/ for more information.  Awesome to see these efforts underway.

Finally, thanks to all of the OMRA volunteers that get all of this stuff done.  We are fortunate to have a dedicated Board of Directors, a good group of clubs and promoters, and volunteers to help with trail clearing, state legislative issues, and all of the other things that help make riding and racing possible !

Until next time, ride safe and have fun –


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