OMRA Monthly Meeting Minutes - 1/3/2018

OMRA Monthly Meeting via Conference Call

Members Present: Chuck W, Tina & Dave Cady, Dan H. Justin L, Patty B, Tom N, Scott M, Jordan R. and Shannon R.

Old Business:

Chuck wanted to follow-up on the Annual Business meeting. Over all everything went well and he was pleased with the Club participation. Dan H will give an update on the competition proposals made at the meeting.

Shannon has been trying to get results from the 2017 dualsport events from the Clubs but no luck. Dan, Chuck, and Tom will reach out to Club members and see if we can get results.

The forum and webpage have been updated to reflect Carl no longer being Secretary.

Ochcoo lawsuit: There hasn’t been any donations for it other than the Lobos, who sent the promised donation. (The check was sent in to the OMRA). Shannon will confirm with Lobos that it is okay to publicize the dollar amount. Justin will update the website and Chuck will contact the Club leaders.

Chuck stated that the decision was made to have alcohol at the Banquet; we must have a server and security. Dave and Chuck will work on that aspect. The trophies and food are the biggest issues that need work. Scott (owner of Motorsports) will cover $800 of banquet expenses-the amount to be counted towards his sponsorship. Dan and Dave will be working on getting the event catered.

Trophies are still needed for the Banquet. Dave C will follow up with the trophy sponsor from last year and Fusion has been contacted in hopes of deferring cost. Justin said that he wanted to help with the design of the trophies to make sure Golden Tyre is honored for their past sponsor ship.

Baja Fresh was used last year for food & trying to find something comparable. The charge was $10 last year. General discussion regarding the cost per person and if the price should be increased or not. A proposal for $12 per adult, and $8 per child was made-Chuck said that he would rather keep it at $10 and OMRA cover the remaining cost. Dave will follow up on the food.

Chuck will follow up with the venue regarding RV spaces. The hope is that allowing folks to bring an RV to stay the night or they could us the hotel nearby.

Chuck asked about having an auction and getting sponsors for the prizes; both of which are being worked on now. Dan mentioned that Golden Tyre hopes to sell tires at the Banquet and partner with OMRA next year. Details still need to be worked out. Justin mentioned that the One Show is going to donate tickets- he wants to run a promotion for membership sales. He’ll coordinate with Patty. Most vendors want to donate gear instead of money, everyone agreed that would be fine. Chuck asked about tee shirts and hats and if there were any left; he suggested selling them at the Banquet. Justin will follow up with some price quotes and report back.

Dan reported on the competition report. There were two proposals-one to add another women’s class. There were mixed results within the committee, but there was not a lot of support. The other proposal was having a Spring and Fall sub-series. This proposal would bring an additional cost with little to no benefit to OMRA. There was little to no support for this idea in the committee.

There was another suggestion to increase the racing time by two hours and those he asked were not in favor if the idea. Dan will discuss this and the second class for women with the new competition committee.

He mentioned that he has a new competition committee-four men and two women.

Lobos have requested to increase the fee for China Hat event again, like they have done in the past. (It was approved as a waiver and not a change.) Justin made a motion to approve the requested waiver from the Lobos. Motion was passed 4-1.

Patty reported on membership, there have been approx. 50 sign up. She is planning on sending out the cards either at the Banquet or mail them out afterwards. There is a discount code for Club members, of which should be shared with Clubs so that it is not made public. It’s a $10 discount. There is also a code for Officers. Justin will work on the stickers for the cards.

No YSEP report as Dan J is not feeling well.

New Business: Justin mentioned that there is an opportunity to get both photo and video assets for promotional purposes; Ben wants us to partner with MMA in this endeavor at $1000 for each. Justin will send out his proposal for Officer review.

A proposal was suggested for a “hard enduro” series, that would incorporate both Oregon and Washington. Further discussion is needed, and more details given.

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:46pm 

BusinessJustin Lewis