OMRA Monthly Meeting Minutes - 12/5/2018

Present: Shannon R. Tom N. Dave C. Dan J. Chuck W. Tina C.

Chuck updated the Blue Ribbon lawsuit- there will be a meeting in Redmond on Monday so they can have a change to regroup and make sure that everyone is understanding the current events. There will be a couple folks who are planning on attending, including Barrett Brown, Chuck W and Dave C.

Chuck will revise the agenda for the Calendar meeting on Saturday due to Tom N will not be able to make it to the meeting. Position elections will be a focus in the meeting. Dave C is willing to step into the Comp Director position, leaving the VP position open. The Comp Director, VP and Referees positions are what’s needed.

Most of the Clubs have not responded to the Meeting, NORA, Lobos, and Mt. Scott will all be there but the rest are an unknown. Dave asked about getting the Sanctioning Agreements to the meeting so that they can be given to the Clubs early.

Chuck asked about options for Lunch; Dave said there should be a couple places close to the Clubhouse. Dave said that he could check into it and come up with some choices.

The Calendar has been updated and there is only one conflict so far; there are a few events with set dates by the land owner. To date, there are 7 races in both the GP and Cross Country.

Folks can give an update on their specific positions – Dan for YSEP, Patty for Membership etc.

Chuck said that there are a couple rule proposals pending and they may be discussed at the meeting if time allows. He will also try to get a head count of folks attending to Tina for a lunch count and let us know when the clubhouse will be open.

Meeting adjourn at 7:42pm

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