OMRA Annual Business Meeting Minutes

Chuck called the meeting to order at 10:07am

Overview of 2018:

Dan J gave an update of YSEP a total of 735 evaluations this last year. The OMRA program did better than the other state providers and the State of Oregon is really happy.

Justin gave an update on the marketing aspect of OMRA-memberships will be on sale soon as the effort is to be more up-to-date. More efforts will be on better race promotion. He suggests that Clubs reach out to get help promoting an event- get the flyer to him at least a month in advance. General discussion about better promotion, facilitating flyers with good information and getting that to the website. It was noted that the database tools used by the OMRA needs to be updated and revised as there’s info and resources not utilized.

Chuck and Dave gave an update on Competition. The GP Series’ numbers are up and it’s doing well in attendance. The XC (Cross Country) is not doing as well, and the Sprint Endro even less. The average is about 50% of the overall attendance are OMRA members across all race types. There is a recognized need to provide value for folks to sign up for membership outside of just racing.

Dave gave an update on the Banquet; it’s at the World of Speed in Wilsonville on January 26th. The local hotel has a block of rooms set aside and will offer transportation. The food is provided by Slicks BBQ Tickets will be available for sale as soon as the fees are set.

There are several open positions, including Comp Director, (Dave C nominated) VP (Barrett B) Woody and Reno volunteered for Referees, Treasurer (Tina nominated). As there no objections, and no one running opposed in the positions the people are accepted at new officers/referees.

The Club Feed back for 2018 is both positive and negative. The GP offers a Women’s Amateur series that is positive, but it needs to be promoted more. The non-comp events need to be promoted more- ie the Dual Sport Series. There needs to be more support by the OMRA as well as the EO’s

General discussion about shared information and database access-having a central database for membership and race sign up’s. A suggestion is to have a log in for Clubs so they have access.

A suggestion was made to have the XC’s and ISDE’s as a separate series as there are only 4. General discussion about the impact on attendance for the Clubs, and what taking the races out of the main series would do. More discussion on adding the Sprint Enduo to the Cross Country races this year as a test to see how it would work.

A rule proposal discussion was presented the allow riding in two classes at the same event; other governing bodies allow the practice. This has been presented to the Comp Committee and a decision could not be reached.

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