OMRA Monthly Meeting Minutes - 3/7/2018

Via Conference Call: Shannon R., Tom N., Tina C., Dan H., Barret B., Dan J., Chuck W., Patty
Scott M.,

Dan J. reported that he has the Referee vests (jackets are in the works). He will get them to folks
that need them for Goldendale. He reported that the YSEP classes are starting off, and things are going well. He also mentioned that there is an issue with the Quads that were donated-one has been taken back to Dept of Forestry in Deschutes County. Dan is working with them and trying to get it back. (The quads could only be donated inter-agency or organizations that can help with fire.)

Barrett asked if there were any previous issues regarding Lobos events or other issues that need to be resolved. Chuck noted that the sign-up process is usually left up to the Club themselves and Dan mentioned that announcing the sign up well in advanced might be a better option. There was a general discussion regarding the past course of events and how the sign up was announced. It was decided that the Lobos and the OMRA would have a separate discussion regarding sign up and how best to handle it in the future.

Chuck mentioned that the Lobos has donated $1,000 and NORA has donated $500 for the Ochcoo lawsuit. Tom noted that Tour and Trail will probably donate to the cause.

Chuck asked the general opinion regarding the Banquet and how it went. Barrett thought that it went pretty well overall. Chuck noted that the seating was a bit limited. Several members noted that there were complaints of food poisoning from the beef. A suggestion for next year is a larger venue and having a good speaker.

General discussion regarding sponsors: who is on the list, who has paid, and money donated. Several sponsors donated items for the Banquet this year. Justin will need to give an update on the sponsors with he’s working.

Chuck noted there are posters and flyers that can be posted at shops and at events. Dan mentioned that sign up is not working and that steps need to be taken before this weekend so riders can get the raced counted.

General discussion regarding promoting the Kids’ membership drive. Dan made a suggestion that sponsors could be used to promote the event, the sponsorship, and the kids’ membership.

Dan noted that the competition has not started yet, but they are getting prepared. He mentioned that more information needs to be posted regarding the events such as fees etc. He discussed common issues at events-sign up, pit speeds, etc. He requested OMRA representation at races would be great.

General discussion regarding the upcoming dual sport series and possible ways to promote the series. Shannon will get in touch with Tom and come up with some updated information for the website, including the rules and requirements for the series. She will also come up with a
proposal for the Board for awards for the winners of the series; possibly get some items donated from current sponsors.

Tom reported that there are not too many issues going on with land use issues right now. Barrett mentioned that the Highway Committee is looking at the City of Oakridge and their proposal as they want to make an area for side by sides only – one that excludes motorcycles. He also noted that there is a gentleman from Eugene who would like to create an organization that speaks for all ATV users across the State. It is too early to make any decisions regarding the next steps for the OMRA.

Motion to adjourn at 9:08pm.

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