OMRA Monthly Meeting Minutes - 4/4/2018

Monthly OMRA Meeting Minutes

Present: Chuck, Dan, Shannon, Dave
Phone: Patty, Tina, Dan J, Scott, Jordan, Justin

Dan gave competition report: OTBG and OMRA modified the sanctioning agreement for their event. There are a few Clubs that still need to sign it. It will be posted to the website as a fillable form when finalized. The new form will be reviewed and approved by the end of the week. He reported that there have been several new racers asking questions. There has been an issue getting race results from OTBG but they have finally been received and posted to the website. Scott will complete the competition report for the Starvation Ridge event. Dave would like to get better exposure for the “kids ride free” (Youth Racing Program) for the GP’s having sponsors featured at different events. General discussion regarding promoting the GP’s and their sponsors. A suggestion was made to create a novice class for youth riding bigger bikes; Chuck said we should discuss for next year.

Tina gave the report and noted that there was a good boost from Membership, a handful of invoices have been paid, and Dave will follow up with the food provider from the Banquet regarding the food poisoning. Dan asked for a list of sponsors that have in fact paid for their

Justin noted that there was $355 income from the trail crew sticker sales; money to be earmarked for trail work. General discussion regarding the budget- money and allocations will be discussed better at next meeting. The video was completed; it was agreed that a separate video should be done for YSEP.

General discussion regarding membership and how to bolster both comp and non-comp memberships. It’s tough to get members when it is not required for participate in OMRA sanctioned events; a possible option is the day pass/membership sales at the events themselves. Justin suggested having a reduced fee for members providing an option to sign up for the series for the year. The promotor would offer a reduced fee amount for members and they would have a list of participants well in advance of their event, and the racer would not have to stand in lines for sign up.

Patty reported that several cards have been sent out; she included the calendar with the membership cards. There’s an expected increase for Starvation Ridge and China Hat. Shannon reported that there is a new promotor who wants to get new dual sport events sanctioned with the OMRA. The first one is scheduled for April 21st – it might be too late to get the event added to the DS Series, but future events are an option. Shannon will contact DS members and see what the general opinion is about adding the event to the series.

Dan reported that there was a credit card fraud on the YSEP website-there were over 500 signed up from out of state and fake cards. It has been fixed and a new security feature has been added. He suggested that the kids that take the YSEP class be offered a free yearly membership as means to introduce families to OMRA. Motion: YSEP to offer a family membership for the
OMRA to the folks who take the course. Motion passed.

Chuck (on behalf of Tom N) made a motion for $250 on a gas card each of the trail workers (Lyon and Kurt) plus the maintenance for their equipment. Motion passed.

Adjourned at 9:30pm

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