OMRA Monthly Meeting Minutes - 2/6/2019

OMRA Meeting Feb 6th, 2019

PRESENT VIA PHONE: Tina, Barrett, Chuck, Dave, Reno, Tom, Patty, Justin, Shannon, James, Jordan, Maria

General discussion regarding the Banquet and the turnout. There were approx. 220 people with 93 signed up online. Overall it was a great event; however, the dinner line could have gone a bit faster and getting the door open sooner would help as there were folks waiting in line. A suggestion was for a double food line and having the event not conflict with the film festival. The total income was $7356 with expenses totaling over $9000 the deficit of approx. $2500. The opinion is that the event could break even as the event grows. Dave will book the date for Feb 8th, 2020, with the same caterer at the same venue.

Chuck mentioned that there are several trophies left over, same as always. Racers can get them at the races.

Discussion about the dual sport series Justin made a motion to discontinue the dual sport series and run the events as single events, motion was seconded and passed. There will be a $10 charge for putting the events on the website. A suggestion was made for the dual sport folks to get together and chat about getting the DS series back up and running.

A search for a better meeting location for the monthly meeting has been going on as the Wilsonville location hasn’t worked well in the past. Dave offered his home on occasion and mentioned that the community center in Tualatin might be an option. The thought is that getting together in person is beneficial to the group, the goal is once every three months. Justin will work on the technical options for video chats. There was a request for different email groups- Tom will work on that along with cleaning up the existing groups. Justin noted that a notice about the monthly meetings could be put on the website in which a notification would be sent out to everyone.

Jordan hasn’t had a chance to get the recreational calendar together, he will work on it this weekend.

One of the EO’s has medical issues and it’s likely that he might not be ready for the March events. Patty will follow up and report back to the BoD. Dave discussed having an Offroad University, hosted by those willing. The cost is 4 hours for $100 per person. The idea was well received and Dave will begin the process.

An effort is to be made to encourage sponsors to participate more at the events. Justin and Dave will follow up with this. Dave updated the rules to reflect changes to the races and worker points; he hopes to get an approved document to the comp committee by next week.

Membership is taking off and Patty is really busy. Barrett made a motion to earmark $2500 for legislative issues. Both Barrett and Tom will monitor and manage the money.

ADDMENMENT: Dan J. gave a YESP update via email on 2/7/19:

Working on 2019 insurance policy update for YSEP. Need to include the ATV’s in the policythat we are using from OPRD and the others we some time use that were given to us 2 years ago.

In the past OPRD has reimbursed us for the annual insurance premium. I plan on that again for 2019.Last billing will be going out in two weeks to OPRD this will finish up 2018. I had once evaluator who was holding on to paper work and that is the reason for the delay. New classes are now being posted for 2019

Motion to adjourn at 9:08 pm.