Pre-Season Comp Report from the Director

Dual Sport: We will be promoting Dual Sport Events in 2019. Unfortunately, however, we will not be sanctioning a Dual Sport Series for 2019.

The OMRA has been attempting to sanction a Dual Sport series for several years. These attempts have not met our expectations or those of our DS riders. We don't feel we can continue to have members sign up for this series and not return a value (series promotion, event promotion, series results) for their dollars. 

We will take 2019 to refocus our cooperative efforts with the event organizers and marketing the Dual Sport series in future years.

As active participants in the sport, we'd welcome your input on how to improve the OMRA participation in DS events. Furthermore, if you are aware of someone that is an active DS rider and would be interested in working with the OMRA Board of Directors to connect with the market, add value to the DS events and schedule, drive improvements in the series and ultimately increase OMRA membership, please refer them to us at

Finally, if you signed up to ride the Dual Sport series for 2019, please contact us at the email address above so we can refund your entry in that series.

New Expert Riders and the Fastest of the Fast. As we turn the corner into the 2019 race season, we need to confirm our riders that have jumped to the expert class and the AA list for 2019. Many thanks to Scott McNew (Referee) for pulling the numbers together. Drum roll please... 

New Experts
The rules state: Required advancement from Amateur class to Expert is reached if rider scores an average of 62.5 points of all races finished, and meets condition of scoring in 6 or more events per series.

Cross Country

Open AM
Cody Milton 69

250 AM
Zeke DeGeyter 75

30 AM
David Richey 71.4

40 AM
Sean Malone 72.5
Justin Luebbert 66.7

50 AM
Dave Anderson 72.8 / Riding down from the 60 class

Grand Prix

250 AM
Zeke DeGeyter from XC
Christian Gregory (recommended - Avg 60 but has most wins) 
Caden Miller 67

30 AM
Chase Noblitt 66.2
Bryan Cowen 64

40 AM
Sterling Ebensteiner 71

50 AM
Dave Anderson XC
Pete Piva 69
Scott Sanders 65

Women AM 
Crystal Defusco 75

And now for the AA Go-Fast Riders for 2019. 

The rules state: Required advancement to AA Class each year will be calculated by the Competition Director using the OMRA AA placement procedure, riders 40 years of age or older are exempt from mandatory transfer to AA and may continue to ride in age group Expert class, Open Expert, or displacement Expert class.

The scale of 1st Overall finish =10 pts, 2nd=9 and so on down to 10th=1pt.  The true event overall score was used regardless if racer was OMRA or not. One overall means you transfer to the AA class.

XC AA List

  1. Derek Steahly 60

  2. Ried Brown 49

  3. Jeff Proctor 25

  4. Max Harte 24

  5. Trask Applegate 22

  6. Eric Stevenson 22

  7. Tyler Foley 19

  8. Mason Harrison (No OMRA) 16

  9. Randell Penny (40 rule) 14

  10. Tyler Evans (No OMRA) 14

  11. Matt Jensen 13

  12. Scott McNew 12

GP AA List

  1. Eric Stevenson 49

  2. Nick Ritz 42

  3. Blake Best 30

  4. Max Harte 27

  5. Trask Applegate 25

  6. Jesse Berger 15

  7. Tyler Evans 13

  8. Steve DeGeyter (40 rule) 13

  9. Jeremy Wilton 10

  10. Sean Sulfridge 10

  11. Leon Beard (40 rule) 9

  12. Cory Bye 8

  13. Tommy Whitcomb 7

  14. Kenny Worley 6

  15. Scott McNew 6

Tune up for the OMRA racing rules. Please review the updated 2019 rules recently upload to The Competition Committee, made up of Maria Beard, Tater Applegate, Derek Shealy, Reno Marr and the Comp Director Dave Cady, reviews the rule proposals and recommends actions to the Board of Directors. This year we changes include:

  • An update to the worker point section to use an average of the riders’ points for worker points. 

  • Addition by the Comp Committee of a provision for the year-end points process to make sure the riders have an opportunity to review the points before they become final and published for sponsorship. 

  • Added a provision for pre-riding GP courses or riding multiple classes. This is to allow for multi class riders and riders that help with course set up.

Please review the series points throughout the season to make sure your points are correct. We will make best efforts to keep them up to date after each event. If you work an event for worker points please follow up with the club to make sure they list you on the results as a worker.  We need workers, and you need to get credit for the work you do at the event.

OMRA Referees. This year’s Referees are Reno Marr, Woody Evens, Scott McNew and James Harris. Please thank these guys for the work that they do and be nice to them. They are the solo decision makers on how to apply the rules. This is a key role for our racing series as this group is our guide to good, fun racing.

2019 Off-Road Academy. OMRA and RADIUS OFFROAD are presenting a 3-class series for riders of all levels and ages to dial in skills, learn new techniques and get an edge for the next race. The classes will be held the day before select race events. There will sponsor promotions and giveaways. For riders that successfully complete all 3 classes, there will be a voucher for a complementary 2020 OMRA Competition Membership and a graduation certificate.

 Schedule. The first Cross Country of the year at Eddieville as been rescheduled to the 30th of March at the same location due to the late snowfall. This makes our first race weekend a double header with the XC on Saturday and the GP on Sunday. The good news is there are two more weeks to hit the gym and prep your bike. Please check in to the OMRA news page for news and schedule updates before you head to the races.

Sponsorships for 2019. We are working with our 2019 sponsors to do some new things this year at the events. Stay tuned as we will roll them out throughout the year. Remember to visit our sponsors for bikes, gear and parts. Most offer discounts for OMRA members, but most importantly thank them for their support as they are an integral part of making each year a success.

That’s all for now, see you at the races. 

Dave Cady
2019-20 Comp Director

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