Important OMRA schedule updates

News Flash! Eddieville  XC and GP will be rescheduled to April 13th and 14th. Starvation Ridge GP will be rescheduled to May 5th. The snow at Eddieville and Salvation Ridge is still on the ground, but it is melting fast. Snow is turning to standing water and needs time to dry to give us the best course and max out your fun on the bike. More time riding and less time cleaning. 

The OMRA Academy class on the 30th will be rescheduled to a new date and location. Stay tuned for updates.

Upside, the Timber Mountain XC is April 7th, just one more week away. The MRA team has been showing us a great time on an amazing course. This is a don't miss event to start your 2019 season off right.  

Keep Cool and Gas It!

RacingJustin Lewis