Eddieville XC/GP on April 13 & 14th is a go

In between rain squalls we laid out/ marked most of a 9 mile XC course. We have options to shorten depending on how much rain we might get. There will be perfect dirt........and mud....and water? and if the wind blows there will be dust ( some). In the true spirit of off-roading we have laid out all the nasty stuff I could get to. We will run the logs, rocks, very rough chewed up dirt/rock sections, and the longest tree/shrub section we have ever done ( guarenteed ) to snag a thin jersey ), and some mud to give you options.. The wet spots we have marked wide. Some off-cambers and drop-offs to keep it interesting. The trees are big enough to defend themselves now so I hope the XC people enjoy it. We are trying to keep the XC off the GP wide paths as much as possible. Short course XC race will bypass the gnarliest section, saving that for the experts/amatuers. We have some 325' of elevation change according to GPS, and 2 rocky uphills for your enjoyment. One will have a longer/easier bypass......the other not so much.

GP course will incorporate some parts of the XC course, run in the opposite direction, as well as ........?

Send pre-entry data to Debbie at otbg2@gorge.net to speed up your sign-up. Bring helmet to sign-up to apply/test new/old transponders.

Costs are $10 gate fee for 8 and above, $25 for Junior A,B,C. , $40 for everyone else. New transponders are $5.

XC start times
10:00am - 1 1/2 hrs plus 1 lap. 60+Q, 50+R,50+Y,Sportsman, BeginnerB, WomenW, Jr.X.
approximately 1:00pm ish- 2 1/2 hrs plus 1 lap. AA, open X, 250Z, 30+U, 40+V, open amA, 250 amE, 30+D,40+F.

GP start times
10:00 am- 30minutes- Jr.A and Jr.B,( together on MX track) Jr.C- 20 minutes on kids track
11:00am ish- 1 1/2 hrs plus one lap- 60+Q,50+R,50+Y, 40+F,30+D, SportsmanS, BeginnerB, WomenW, Junior expertsJrX.
1:00pm ish- 1 1/2 hrs plus one lap- AA,openX, 250Z, 30+U,40+V, openA, 250E, WomenK

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