OMRA Monthly Meeting Minutes - 4/3/2019

Present: Shannon R. Dave C. Chuck W. Tina C. Dan J. Don Barron (Lobos MC) Barrett B.
Conference Call: (The number has changed) Reno M. Patty B. Tom N. Jordan R

Dan J reported on YSEP, he mentioned that the insurance was more expensive than last year at they did more classes last year. He is going to do one motorcycle training class as there was a request for one. If more folks are interested, he will add more later. It is a half day class. The current insurance will cover the training as well as evaluations. State Parks has been requesting YSEP to do more training as they are getting lots of requests. He is just doing the motorcycle and not quads. On a side note-YSEP, State Parks and Lobos are working on the Kids Field Day for this year. It does not look like SP will bring the trailer up to the event. Dan and Shannon will follow up.

Tina gave a treasurer report. She noted that YSEP has money coming in from the classes. The checking account has $40,668. The saving is $10,800. Lobos and Ochcoo have paid sanctioning fees and turned in the agreements for 2019.

Barrett reported on the House Bill re registration for ATV’s is stalled for now; however, it could come back at any time. He also noted that the attorney will give us a report in mid-April regarding the Ochcoo lawsuit. The fee won’t be over $1,500 and it will tell us whether the suit is viable, and more donations should be made. A long time ATV supporter and volunteer, Wade Bryant passed away today after a long battle with cancer. The NOVAK training scheduled for May is tuition free (up to 40 participants) – the class will cover trail building. Tom N noted that there is a new District Ranger for Southern Oregon- he’s hoping to establish a better relationship with them. He also said that he snow level is still pretty low and he’s not be able to get much trail work done. Things are starting up, but it’s slow.

There are a couple grants available to Clubs, organizations and for trail work. Some are pretty small, couple hundred dollars, but it still helps with getting the work done.

Dave gave an update on the Competition status- Round 2 will happen before Round 1 as those races needed to be rescheduled. Dave and Chuck will get together and follow up with the sanctioning agreements for the Clubs. Justin will update the webpage with the new rules as that has not been done yet. There is a possibility that Eddieville will cancel again due to Scott’s health, but it is not known for sure. He mentioned that Motosport gave us gift cards that equal 10% off purchases- to be given to riders. They are also offering video editing services for Clubs and events.

Patty is still processing memberships-she is hoping to print cards next week. The totals numbers are not available yet, but the thought is that it’s a lot.

Barrett mentioned that Shane Cheek is working on an OMRA database idea with Justin. It’s just in a planning stage and follow up will be when Justin can attend.

The OMRA trailer is being worked on-Dan provide a mock up of what it could be. The estimate right now is about $1200. Dave noted that there are things that need to be worked on and small things repaired before it can be hauled this summer. Dave made a motion to put the logo on the trailer as proposed by Dan; $1100 for graphics and $500 for maintenance. Motioned seconded and approved.

There’s talk of having a potluck at the Mt. Scott’s sprint enduro. There is the race on Sat and a Poker Run on Sunday. There are a couple other dates available if needed.

Barrett mentioned that the Lobos will be applying for a grant to build a staging area at Jordan Creek- it will be a gated area, only open during certain times. Nothing is finalized yet, but it is being worked on with the ODF.

Dave made a motion to adjourn as there is no new business. Second and passed Adjourned at 8:30pm.