OMRA Comp Report - 4/9/19


TMHS had the biggest turnout yet with 197 riders
Race results are posted on the OMRA web page. Course was awesome and the event was well run. The racers had the great equalizer, rain (Can’t control nature). If you missed this event you need to put it on the must do list for next year. Come for the weekend to wine county and the historical town of Jacksonville, with cute shops and good restaurants. There is mountain biking, hiking two miles below the staging area if you need more to do the day before the race.

Next Race is this weekend At Eddieville March 13 &14
The Cross Country at Eddieville this weekend will be a double header with the XC on Saturday and the GP on Sunday. The good news is Scott has most of the course laid out and with the wind blowing and drying out portions of the course we will have all conditions for the weekend. The current weather report shows nicer weather for the end of the week. Should be a great weekend. Remember Kids in the Jr A,B&C class that buy a full OMRA competition membership entry fees are free at all GPs (gate fees are not free). So bring the whole family for the weekend.

Remember to support our sponsors and thank them for helping make OMRA possible.  is providing 10% online purchase to all racers and workers for each competition event for 2019. You will get a card at sign up at each event. Thank you

If you rode TMHS last weekend, plan on riding the XC at Eddieville, want to ride the XC Series and did not get into China Hat. Contact the Lobos MC after you compete in this weekend’s XC race and you may have a spot at China Hat. The club is working hard to find spots for OMRA series riders.

See you at the races -Rubber Side Down

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