2019 Summer Update

All –

Hope everyone has been having a good 2019, and finding time to ride a few events and spend time on dirtbikes!

I’ve been able to attend and ride a few events this year, it has been great to see everyone. Meeting families at the events, meeting new people (and kids) trying competitive events for the first time, and catching up with experienced riders and old friends is what makes being a dirt bike rider and part of the OMRA worthwhile.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to ride dirtbikes and enjoy off road trails and racing events for a long time, in several states and with different organizations. Like most others I meet, I started just like new members of the OMRA; looking for new places to ride, invited by friends to attend an event, and getting hooked on the people, challenges, events, and in some cases the chance to compete.

And after participating for a few years, the desire to help these organizations and help further the sport became important. The vast majority of the off road events available to us exist only due to volunteers. The people marking the course, the family member of a rider manning a check point or road crossing, or the leaders of a sanctioning body like the OMRA – all are volunteers, donating their time to help promote and maintain our sport. The longer we ride events, see the people helping put them together, and get to be part of the traveling circus that is an off road series, eventually it seems we get involved in helping in some capacity. The friends I’ve made while riding bikes and especially helping with events are some of the best and most lasting.

So as we get back to racing and recreation events this fall, take some time to thank the volunteers that are hosting the events! It’s the biggest reward all of us volunteers get! And think about your sport, the great people we do this with, and if it’s time for you to get involved and help off road riding in a positive way!

See you at the races or on the trail,

Chuck W.
OMRA President

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