Join the OMRA, Race a Series, Have Fun

Do you like to ride dirt bikes with people that also love the sport? Do you like a little healthy competition? Do you need a reason to get in, or stay in shape? Do you like to have fun?

These are all reasons to to join the OMRA and commit to racing our XC Series, our GP Series, or both.

I just started racing dirt bikes two seasons ago. The first year I dipped and dabbled in the 12 race XC series and ended up competing in 7 events as an Open AM rider. I had a great time, learned a ton, and realized how slow I was compared to the AA and Expert riders. By my second season I was ready to commit a bit more time and try to compete for a series trophy. I trained hard, mentally prepared and put together a decent season with a 3rd place finish in the 40+ AM class. As proud as I was of this accomplishment, in the end it sort of didn't matter. The real highlight of racing a full series for me was the camaraderie with my fellow class riders. We would talk shop before and after each race, maybe talk a little shit at the starting line. It gave me a few guys to chase and provided me with the motivation to train and ride when I otherwise could have been lazy. In the end I would say that making friends with some new folks who love dirt biking is about the best reason I can think of for racing dirt bikes.

If you're thinking about coming out to a race, do it. If you're thinking about racing a whole series, do that. 

There's no time like right now to push yourself and know that the guy or girl next to you needs a competitor to push them.

See you in March at the races.

- Justin

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