Getting Started Racing

by our President, Chuck Worley

Racing with the OMRA is as easy!  All you really need is a reliable dirt bike, all the usual riding gear (helmet, boots, eye protection, gloves at a minimum) and the desire to have a good time on a dirt bike with a bunch of other like minded riders.

We prefer all racers be OMRA members.  If you want to race the series for points, you must be an OMRA member. Membership is available for signup on this site, or at most events.  Look for an OMRA official near sign up.

The OMRA sanctions two types of races, XC (cross country) and GP (Grand Prix).  XC is a longer course, typically both in length and for sure in time on the bike.  Courses vary from open desert type conditions, to wooded single track locations.  Length of the loops varies from 6-8 miles to 50+, the event page on the website will have these details.  GP’s are shorter courses, sometimes include some motocross type terrain, and are generally about 1 ½ hours long.

The OMRA has classes for all skill levels and age groups.  Classes for adults are below, AA is for top level expert racers, and Open thru the 50 class has both Expert and Amateur divisions.  Age groups (30, 40, etc) are for racers that age or older. 60+, Women and Beginner are single classes.

Adult Class Letter Designator
Expert Amateur Beginner
AA AA    
Open (any cc) X A  
250cc Z E  
30 U D  
40 V F  
50 R Y  
60+   Q  
Women K W  
Beginner     B
Junior Class Description
Junior C (JC)
GP Series Only
Up to 8 years old at the first race of the season. 50cc 2 and 4-stroke.
Junior Beginner (JB)
GP Series Only
Up to 11 years old at the first race of the season. Up to 65cc 2-stroke or 110cc 4-stroke.
Junior Amateur (JA)
GP Series Only
Up to 15 years old at the first race of the season. Up to 112cc 2-stroke or 150cc 4-stroke. Rides same course at same time as Junior Beginner.
Junior Expert (JX)
GP & XC Series
Up to 15 years old at the first race of the season. Up to 112cc 2-stroke or 150cc 4-stroke. Junior X is for the more accomplished young racer. This class races at the same time as the Women and Beginners.

If you have never raced before, or are fairly new to riding offroad, the Beginner class may be where get started.  More experienced riders, or those that have done some racing previously  may want to start in the Amateur classes, either by age group or motorcycle engine size.  Experienced racers will want to test their skills and speed against the best, in the expert classes.  The AA class is reserved for the fastest of the experts – experienced racers who have been promoted by the OMRA or AMA to race AA, or have previous racing experience and credentials that justify racing in this class.

Races are held in all types of conditions, heat, cold, rain, mud, dust, etc.  It is very rare that an offroad race is cancelled due to weather, so it is helpful to ride/practice in all types of conditions.  Racing is a physical challenge, it helps to be in reasonable physical condition.   Cardio work is most helpful, rowing machines, bicycle riding, upper body strengthening is all helpful and required at the highest levels of the sport.

Finally, if you have questions use the Racing Forum to get answers from the rest of the members, or use the Events page to contact the club hosting the event.

Look forward to seeing you on the trail or at the track!