YSEP Registration

For just $20, get your kids' mandatory Youth Safety Evaluation taken care of! OMRA's one-time, hands-on skills evaluations are nearby, quick and inexpensive. 


Certified by the State of Oregon, OMRA YSEP provides hands-on skills evaluations for YOUTHS operating OFF-ROAD Class 3 Motorcycles between ages 6-15, and OFF-ROAD ATV’s Class 1 as required by law for Rider fit.

Who is OMRA YSEP? 
Working together, the Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association (OMRA) and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) have implemented the Youth Safety Evaluation Program (YSEP). Participating clubs, individuals, OHV businesses and agencies conduct evaluations for Oregon's young riders. Together we are making OHV recreation more safe and accessible for Oregon's OHV community.

Online OMRA YSEP Registration is a snap! Follow the directions below:

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Click your district on the map above, choose a nearby location and date, fill out the form and pay just $20. Then show up on your pre-registered date with your kid(s) and get them legal. That's it. Then get out there, go riding and have fun!


Who can I contact for questions that aren't answered here? 
Please contact the OMRA Safety Coordinator via email, Click here. Or by phone,(503) 913-0528.

What is Oregon's OHV Youth Safety Law? 
As of January 1, 2012 Oregon law requires all off-road motorcycle and ATV operators ages 15 and under to complete a hands-on evaluation course to ride legally on all Oregon public lands.

What is a Youth Safety Evaluation? 
A Youth Safety Evaluation is a one-time, hands-on skills demonstration to evaluate a youth's ability to safely control and fit their OHV. The youth's on-line Safety Education Card will be endorsed after he/she has passed the evaluation. Parents will need to bring their child/children prepared to ride with the vehicle and proper protective gear.

Does my child have to complete the Online Safety Course first? 
Yes. Oregon ATV Safety Education is a 2-step process. Youths must first pass the Online Course (Step 1) and receive a temporary Safety Education Card. That card number will be submitted by OMRA YSEP once the youth passes a hands-on evaluation (Step 2). Then a permanent card will be sent to you by Oregon State Parks and Recreation.

Why are out-of-state fees $65 instead of $20? 
Evaluation fees for Oregon residents are only $20. Out-of-state, $65. Why? OMRA YSEP's lowered cost for Oregonians is made possible by a per-participant subsidy from Oregon's ATV Fund, which comes from Oregon ATV permit and gas tax dollars. That's why Oregon residents, in a sense, have a certain entitlement to a discounted evaluation fee for their kids.

On-site checklist for evaluation (parents and kids):

  • Bring the youth's motorcycle, ready to ride and the right size!
  • Have completed the OPRD on‐line Safety Education Course – Bring verification of completion (Either ATV Safety Education Card –or‐ printed Certificate of Completion)
  • Have a parent or guardian accompany you (if you are 15 or younger)
  • Helmet (DOT approved motorcycle helmet that fits properly)
  • Goggles (or helmet with shield)
  • Gloves
  • Sturdy over-the-ankle shoes or boots
  • Long‐sleeve shirt
  • Long pants

Be ready for your evaluation. 
Download a copy of the OMRA YSEP Program Guide. Click Here.