Forum Guidelines and Help - Everyone Should Read This First

Find out what it takes to sign up, how to contact the board admins, and more.

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Forum Guidelines and Help - Everyone Should Read This First

Postby OMRA » Fri Dec 15, 2006 2:37 pm

============Last updated: 5/6/09
Registration :evil3:

:!: :!: :!: Your (case sensitive) VIP registration code is case sensitive: DiRt

Yes, you have to be a registered user to participate on the Board. It’s easy and free - just click 'Register' at the top of the page. Be sure and add some details about yourself, so we can decide if you're spam or not! Also remember to activate your account by following the instructions that get emailed back to you. If you still have problems, contact one of the admins. UPDATE: Due to the influx of spammers, we may have set the option to manually approve your membership once you sign up, then you can post away. Just remember to include some details about yourself to differentiate you from a spammer, otherwise you will probably get deleted until you do. If you have any problems with this process, just email us at: ...and we'll get you taken care of.

Suggestions for new Board members :newb:
1. If you have any questions/problems with the board, check this post first, then click on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) at the very top of this page. Either may have the answer to your questions before you contact the Administrator.
2. English is spoken (typed) on this board. Spelling, punctuation and all-around general intelligence are all appreciated. Signing with your name is helpful too.
3. DON'T TYPE IN CAPITAL LETTERS! You'll end up looking like a Gomer and, in the computer world, it is equivalent to yelling, unless that is your intent.
4. If you sign up and immediately start spamming a product, service, or web site, you're likely to get heckled and booted to the curb.
5. Don't feel the need to respond to every post that bashes your favorite rider or bike. Some of those are just fishing lures, and you may feel the sting when the original poster sets the hook.
6. Post like you're sitting across a table from someone...or at least like you'll actually run into them one day. Chances are you might.
7. Brush your teeth after every meal. :brushteeth:

Note to spammers :spam2:
For those of you who sign up so that you can add a spam url to your profile (whether it's for watches, an online casino or porn), you should be aware that we regularly monitor new registrations for such links and remove them. In other words, you're wasting your time and ours.

Note to people dumb enough to click on spammer's links :tard:
There will always be a few, moron spammers who will manually take the time to sign up, so they can pawn their sludge/links on our Board. Many of these spam links/sites will install keyboard tracking programs on our computer - without you knowing it. That's right, they'll record your keystrokes and will have your credit card and password at their disposal. Many spam sites also have viruses that automatically get downloaded on your PC. Go to their sites at your peril! [-X

Problems Logging In
You've registered awhile ago, but now cannot login? This might be because you haven't posted anything for many moons! The Board program has a clock that measures how long it's been since you've posted anything, and if you haven't for a month or two, it sets you to 'inactive'. It does this to save database space. Just contact the Administrator and they can enable you again.

About registration and "banned" e-mail addresses.
Yes, registration is required to use the board, although we may require you to be registered to actually view the board too someday. We figure if you're going to use our bandwidth, you might as well go ahead and become a member. The good news is it's a fast and painless process, and also free, so there's really no excuse not to join up.

If you try to register and get a message saying that your e-mail is banned, it's nothing personal, but here's why: we've banned a few "free" e-mail services because they were being used by anonymous posters to sign up, be a nuisance and genuinely be a PITA. As soon as they were banned, they'd just abandon that e-mail address and sign up using a new free account. If you've been a part of a board with hit and run members, you know why it's like that. In rare cases (like for people we know who only have one of those accounts), we can work around that restriction (contact the Admin). But for the most part, we like users with a little more permanent e-mail address. Thanks for understanding.

Foul-Word Censors:cussing:
We don't like censorship, but just to cover our rear, we've enabled a pottymouth censor, which means if you swear like a drunken sailor on leave, the majority of your foul language will automatically get changed. Remember, we have kids on this site too, and they may be yours. Dammit, if you're going to cuss, get the Hell out! :blah5:

-----------------The Usual Stuff---------------------
Post Content and Privacy
Post content deemed inaccurate or derogatory towards us or any of the members is subject to removal (this includes direct links to and quotes from sources which contain content of a private or personal nature). Don’t be a dork.

Please do not post topics or replies that are less than acceptable. Debates and discussions are always welcome and constructive criticism and opinions are valued, but without the use of personal attacks, abuse or posting to provoke conflict. Don’t be a dork.

The message board is not the place for airing out personal grievances on any private matters. Upon request, a moderator will remove any posts directed to a user who finds the content distressing and of a personal nature. Please keep any serious disagreements off the forums. Don't be a dork.

Avatars/ Signature and Image sizes
Avatars are the cool, little pictures on the left by your name. You have the right to add, or change your signature or avatar as long as it isn't too stupid, gross or otherwise offensive. The avatar size limit is Height 200 x Width 200 pixels with a limit of 17KB for images. Remotely linked avatars or signature images can also be used. Banners are okay, but please keep these to around Height 125 x Width 450 pixels and again no bigger than 100 KB for animated images. Anything oversized may be removed. We don’t want to nuke our bandwidth for the site. For fun, we may also even insert an avatar for you, if you have not already selected your own. :D You can of course change it to whatever you like.

"What are those class rankings and the colored dots under my name?" you ask? Notice the number of posts and the correlating, colored dots. That's your ranking, unless you're a VIP, admin or some other worldly, famous person.

Spamming/Sales/Downloads :spam1:
Again, don’t post spam on the board. Posting on the forums or in private messages, purely as a means of outside advertising, and posting duplicate or repetitive threads in forums is classed as spamming and will be removed - along with your butt. Anyone registering to these forums to promote a website of an inappropriate nature will have their membership removed.

Private Messages :blah5:
If you are in receipt of a private message that is of an abusive or distressing nature, please report this to a moderator who will then advise you on what to do. Do not post or reproduce any private message to the forums.

Complaints :angry1:
The administrators and moderators of this message board have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time, should they see fit. If any user wishes to discuss any further actions applied to a thread or post, please contact one of the moderators privately about it.

Warning and Banning Procedure
If a user repeatedly breaks forum rules, then they will be crucified and nuked. Any warnings or bans are not given lightly. Any obvious trouble or disruption caused by anyone receiving a warning may mean getting the boot. Occasionally permanent bans can be carried out immediately for extreme users with total disregard for the rules and well being of the forums. That will be at the administrator's discretion. All bans are carried out by an administrator or moderator after clear details of any offenses, and their decision is final.

Administrators and Moderators :king:
If there's a problem, the Admins and Mods call all the shots. If you would like to be an admin or mod, let us know and provide a good reason why we should let you.

Changes to the Rules
The admins of this site will periodically change the rules and post an announcement to notify you. You are responsible for knowing these rules. We are fair people here, but if you torque us off, you will get a boot in the fanny to the curb!

Any Board Related Problems :help:
For any board related problems that you may be experiencing, first check the FAQ, then contact an administrator or moderator:

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