SB 344 - On Road Travel for OHVs

This bill has been signed by the Governor.  Good news and a nice win for OHV recreation and economic development in rural communities.  Also a nice win for political engagement by Oregon’s OHV community and for healthy public processes. 

I’ll offer the following as my best bullet-point summary of what’s in the bill.

  • There are no additional equipment requirements for Class l. ll,lll and lV ATVs when a rider transitions from a dirt trail onto one of these new Designated ATV Highway Access Routes.

  • While off-road ATV riders over 18 are not required to wear a helmet, riders, regardless of age, when traveling on a Designated ATV Highway Access Route, will have to wear a helmet.

  • While off-Road ATV use is, and has been, exempt from the requirement to carry liability insurance, liability insurance coverage will be required on Designated ATV Highway Access Routes.

  • While off-Road ATV users are only required to carry an Oregon ATV safety card and ATV sticker, under the new program, ATV users will also need an Oregon Driver’s license to travel on a Designated ATV Highway Access Routes.

  • Oregon Parks and Recreation Department will create an ATV Highway Access Route Advisory Committee consisting of two ATV users and various other governmental representatives, which will advise the Oregon Transportation Commission on the establishment of these new ATV Highway Access Routes.

  • Interestingly, along with a list of helpful intent statements contained therein, a top line consideration in the new law states that the Oregon Transportation Commission shall designate ATV Highway Access Routes “..for the purpose of authorizing incidental use of all-terrain vehicles..” on state highways.

  • These on-road routes must be sign-posted as an ATV Highway Access Route.

See the full measure in OLIS

- Barrett