OMRA Annual Business Meeting - Agenda

The Annual OMRA Business meeting will be Saturday, December 8, 10 AM to 2 PM at the Mt Scott Clubhouse, in Milwaukee Oregon.  Lunch provided by the OMRA.

All clubs and promoters are invited to attend, as well as OMRA members.  Clubs and promoters that have a Competition event NEED to attend; this is your opportunity to review OMRA efforts over the past year, and have input for the upcoming year.  We’ll be completing sanctioning agreements for 2019 events at this meeting as well.

Among other issues, we’ll be discussing the annual calendar of events, electing officers, reviewing ongoing OMRA land use and volunteer efforts, reviewing the past racing season, and seeking input on the major issues that the OMRA should be concerned about for the next year.


Mt Scott MC Clubhouse
10027 SE Laura Ave
Portland, Oregon

10:00 am– Call meeting to Order, Introductions, distribute voting cards (one per club, one per OMRA officer)

10:15 am– 2018 Review

  • Overview of 2018 OMRA – Chuck W.

  • Each Director, up to 5 minutes to report on significant topics that happened in the previous year and/or things to look forward to in the upcoming year.

    • Marketing – Justin Lewis

    • Youth Safety & Education – Dan Jordan

    • Legislative & Land Use – Tom Niemela

    • Volunteer Efforts – Tom and Jordan R.

    • Competition Report – Chuck W/Dave Cady

11:00 am– Officer elections

  • Vice President – Open

  • Competition Director – Dave Cady, Nominated

  • Treasurer – Tina Cady, Incumbent

  • Marketing/Sponsorship Director – Justin Lewis, Incumbent

  • Youth Education Director – Dan Jordan, Incumbent

11:15 am– Club feedback – Open Discussion with the Clubs/Event Organizers

  • What was the best thing the OMRA did for the sport in 2018?

  • What is one change you would like to see for 2019?

  • What is the highlight for the year for your club/organization?

  • What one thing could the OMRA do that would help/improve YOUR event?

12:00 pm– Lunch, by OMRA

12:30 pm– 2018 Calendar, Planning –

  • Sprint Enduro?

  • XC Series?

  • GP Series?

1:30 pm– Rule Proposals: Review any proposed changes to the rules. BOD and Competition Committee to review and enact if passed before banquet.

2:00 pm– Adjourn

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