New OMRA Website!

Welcome to the all new We rebuilt and redesigned this site for one purpose, to better serve offroad riding and racing in the State of Oregon.

What's new...

  • All new website that is fast and mobile friendly
  • Better organization of riding and racing specific content
  • More detailed events calendar and event detail pages
  • All new shop that sells OMRA memberships and merchandise
  • Better tools for our clubs to promote riding and racing events
  • More opportunities for the OMRA to work with sponsors
  • A slightly revised OMRA color palette and look and feel
  • New OMRA print pieces that match our new website
  • Resources for new riders and racers

What's to come...

  • More detailed event specific content
  • Race specific recaps, photos, and results
  • A detailed "Places to Ride" section covering Oregon and the NW
  • Extensive resources for Volunteering
  • Improvements to the YSEP registration and payment flows
  • A "Rights" section that keeps our members up-to-date on issues that affect our sport
  • Monthly Newsletter that brings the best content to our members
  • More content around Series racing, training and riding

If you're reading this and have ideas for content or things you would like to see, use the comments section below and we'll take everything into consideration.

Let's all chip in and play an active role in the sport we love.

- J. Lewis, OMRA Marketing

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